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    We are proud to conduct our tiling services in projects ranging from private residential homes to large scale multi-unit commercial developments. Over the years, we have developed fruitful relationships with Australia’s most successful apartment developers, residential home builders and the most prominent material suppliers based in Sydney.


    The team at Prestige Tiles Co. are highly experienced and skilful in the art of rising to the challenge of a complex design that has tight deadlines. We are ready to take on projects of any size, from a small bathroom tiling project to a complete renovation. Our clients are the most important aspect of our business; to ensure their satisfaction and timeless quality and design, we are detail-oriented and continuously improve our innovative approach to interior and exterior projects.



    #1 tile supply

    We source our products from around the world to bring you the best of the best. Our showroom features a display of an incredible array of feature wall slabs, kitchen benchtops, splashbacks and bathroom vanity tops, mosaics, natural stone and porcelain, and outdoor pavers and is constantly evolving.
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    #2 Tiling & Waterproofing

    As the need for qualified, experienced subcontractors who know the industry, the standards and the BCA are now essential, Prestige Tiles Co. is fully equipped to assist. We have a strong track record of exceptional and professional projects carried out by an expert team that constantly strives to deliver on time and protect builders against any further liabilities.

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    #3 High-end Renovation

    We love the challenge of a complex design with tight deadlines. Our tiling teams are adaptable to suit any size project, from a small bathroom tiling to a complete renovation. We have a fully licensed team of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, plasterers & our interior designer; we can help you plan and complete your renovation from start to end.

    Site Photos

    Browse our latest Tiling Site Visits below for an update on our current residential and commercial projects and their progress. We take pride in every project we’re a part of. For photos of our completed projects and inspiration, please see our Projects page

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Both Porcelain and Natural Stone are popular choices for indoors and outdoors. They’re durable and long-lasting; however, they each have a different aesthetic and cost. Porcelain is a newer material and is manufactured to emulate natural stone’s appearance and is, therefore, the more affordable option. In contrast, Natural Stone has been around for centuries and provides authentic quality, which can be more expensive than Porcelain.

    They both are made from a clay mixture that is fired in a kiln, however, in slightly different processes. Porcelain tiles are created with more refined clay and are fired at higher temperatures resulting in denser and more durable tiles. Due to their versatility, porcelain tiles can also resemble different kinds of materials such as natural stone, marble or wood. Ceramic tiles are usually one solid colour and pattern.

    Natural Stone has a unique appearance with a stunning natural finish as it is a quarried material. There are many different types of stone to choose from, including slate, bluestone, limestone, sandstone, marble, granite and travertine. The natural textures and colour tones differ for each type of stone, with no two stone tiles looking the same. These unique qualities create a beautiful and luxurious finish to your space.

    Due to the nature of Natural Stone, its more limited supply and desirability, it is more expensive than Porcelain. The price difference results from quarrying, cutting the stone itself, transportation and its more complicated installation process. Installing natural stone is more costly due to its natural irregularities and texture that require thicker and stronger adhesives. Therefore additional time is needed to apply a sealant, increasing costs.

    Each type of Natural Stone requires different maintenance due to its unique finish. Travertine or granite is more durable than marble, for example. When it comes to unpolished tiles, they are more porous and therefore need more maintenance than a polished, honed stone as their imperfections, including holes and fissures, make the stone and tile more susceptible to moisture and stains. You can protect the Natural Stone with a high-quality penetrating sealer to ensure durability and appearance.

    As Porcelain is manufactured with a glazed surface, it is much easier to maintain; you won’t need to stain the material, only the grout. This also means that it is less resistant to moisture and is the perfect option for wet areas, including bathrooms and kitchens. The only downside is that the lack of pores makes it difficult to bond the tile to the substrate, but Porcelain is very durable when done well.

    Gloss tiles are very easy to clean and maintain as they can wipe down their glossy surface to look good as new. Hence, they are perfect for kitchen backsplashes and showers. Due to their appearance, gloss tiles also make rooms look larger as they reflect light. They are also the ideal option for rooms with less natural light as they bounce light around the room.


    Matte tiles are great for high traffic spaces like hallways, kitchens and bathrooms as they fare better with exposure to water, humidity and steam. They have better traction than gloss and are, therefore, a non-slip option for these areas. Matte tiles also hide smudges, stains and water streaks better than gloss and therefore do not require maintenance and cleaning.

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