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    Terms and Conditions of Sale

    Please be mindful that Prestige Tiles Co will not accept liability nor be held responsible for any visual defects after its installation. Incorrect delivery or damaged tiles must be notified to us within 48 hours of tiles’ receipt. Once our delivery docket or carriers’ docket is signed, it will be deemed to confirm the receipt of correct goods in good condition. Before installing, ensure that tiles are accurate and of one shade as no claims will be entertained once the tiles are laid.

    The client acknowledges Prestige Tiles Co accepts no responsibility regarding any minor shade variation between samples shown to the buyer and actual tiles supplied. The naturally occurring variation in tiles is the inherent characteristics of ceramic and porcelain tiles. This is because tiles are made from natural clay and silica that react differently to the manufacturing and firing process. The client is responsible for purchasing an adequate quantity to complete a job. Prestige Tiles Co cannot guarantee to supply the tile in the same shade and calibre for your subsequent orders. Additional charges will be applied if swapping is required for an insufficient order.

    Please be mindful that the dimensions of ceramic tiles provided are indicative only, will differ from batch to batch in sizes. The results of any anti-slip tests (water pendulum or oil ramp) are also indicative only, will change slightly from batch to batch. If an exact rating is required, the client (or retailer) must have a test on the tile.

    Prestige Tiles Co encourages to keep the protective paper and foam between tiles until its delivery to the site to avoid any damages or scratches on the tile’s surface. Tiles should be standing against a wall face to face after removing the protections. The installer is responsible for any damage occurred on site.

    Please communicate with Prestige Tiles Co for technical support on products. All polished tiles are treated in the factory; cleaning tiles is not Prestige Tiles Co’s responsibility. We will not be responsible for any damage because of cleaning and other treatments completed by the installer or end-user.

    Prestige Tiles Co will not accept any returns unless the tiles are in original packages and we have the same shade & calibre in stock. An additional 20% charge will be applied for all returns. All goods are delivered to customers remain the property of Prestige Tiles Co until the goods are paid in full.

    Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is acknowledged through any payment of monies relating to your order.

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    Terms and Conditions of Sales

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